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UC Riverside Master Plan

UC Riverside Master Plan

The UC Riverside Master Plan creates vital connections between academic and residential communities by optimizing the use of the campus public realm as a place of learning, enhanced mobility and environmental stewardship. Addressing the demands in rapid growth, the Master Plan balances campus development through strategically placed infill Opportunity Sites, each acting as a catalyst in integrating the unique characteristics of the campus fabric and campus legacy in Mid-Century Modern architecture.    

The 1,200 acre campus developed in1954 included the academic core, housing and the majority of support functions (academic, research, housing, community and support), adjacent to 600 acres of agricultural land. With the recent evolution of the development priorities of campus leadership, the Master Plan concentrates future campus development on the East Campus and uses infill and density strategies to strengthen its identity and interface along adjacent community edges and preserve the citrus research fields. Densification is a tool used to leverage and promote synergies between communities, departments, open spaces, buildings and program requirements. This promotes lively pedestrian-oriented spaces that encourage collaboration and cross-discipline interactivity, within majestic agrarian and regional landscape.