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Mobility Hub and Central Campus Linkages, University of California, Riverside

Mobility Hub and Central Campus Linkages, University of California, Riverside

Shaping a New Campus Gateway as a Mobility Hub

A grand Gateway Canopy floats above the main spine of the Mobility Hub, re-envisioning the vital intersections between campus, community and mobility.  The project, conceived of in partnership with the local transit authority, is projected to over triple student ridership by 2022.


Form and Context

The canopy draws on the forms of the majestic regional landscape and the mid-century architecture of the historic campus core.  The continuous curvature of the canopy evokes the profile and topography of the nearby Box Spring Mountains, providing a shaded and protected place of  gathering, arrival and departure at the new heart of the campus.  The branching structural supports combine with the translucent canopy to provide a lyrical place of dappled light and shadow harmonious with the nearby canopies of trees.    


Horizontal Campanile

The canopy’s iconic role at the new center of the campus, acts as horizontal counterpoint to the Campanile.   In similar spirit,  the Gateway Canopy creates a new linear icon at the urban foyer to the University. At night the translucent canopy can be illuminated in multiple colors acting as a dynamic campus lantern, visible and welcoming from all directions from both the campus and the city. 

Its geometry is based on the timeless forms of the hyperbolic-parabola and recalls the architectural language of the mid-century modern buildings that form the historic core of the campus. 

This icon spans 300 feet along the east-west axis of University Avenue and floats 18-24 feet high in elevation.