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University Boulevard Competition, University of British Columbia

University Boulevard Competition, University of British Columbia
British Columbia

The vision for the master plan of a new University Boulevard Neighborhood is to establish a flagship “gateway” that will welcome the world to the university. The neighborhood is effective on various scales - harmonious buildings and programs create a powerful sense of entering and inhabiting a creative district, while housing is designed to accommodate varied needs of individuals. Memorable places nurture interaction for students, faculty, and staff, as well as connecting to climate and context. The eastern extension of University Boulevard is an ecological demonstration of water collection and purification using native species.

Positively configured open spaces on the 7.2 hectare site support myriad activities, from serendipitous encounters to celebratory gatherings. Two new buildings, which will accommodate a mix of retail uses, contribute to the formation of a new public open space called “University Square.” The square is positioned over an underground transit station, which can be accessed through an open-air atrium on the square. Major open spaces converge at University Square, where the weaving of paths and districts is celebrated, creating a vibrant social hub.

Associate Architect: Hughes Condon Marler